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Do I have to pay my levy if my shop/business is no longer trading?

Yes.  The levy is payable at the beginning of the BID year (1st August), in full.  There is no refund if a business stops trading part way through the year.

How do I notify a change of ownership?

If the lease has been transferred to someone else or has been handed back to the freeholder, please notify East Dorset District Council on 01202 886201.  It is them that manage the information relating to collecting the levy.

As you will have paid your levy in full at the beginning of the year, you will need to negotiate with the new leaseholder/owner to reimburse you for those months that they will be taking over the lease.  No refunds of levys are paid out by the BID or East Dorset District Council.

How do I pay?

When you recieve an invoice, it will come directly from East Dorset District Council and will include payment details.  You cannot pay the BID directly.

When can I contact the office?

The BID is managed by part time staff and volunteers and as such you will not be able to make contact during all of the normal business hours.  The hours that the office is manned will change in order to flex the hours across the required workload.  Mostly, there will be someone there Tues, Wed and Thurs but this may change if hours need to be swopped to cover meetings on other days or in the evenings.

However, there is always someone monitoring email.  This is the best way to make contact and you will always receive a reply within 24hrs, but most often, much quicker than that.

How do I find out what is going on in town?

The website, holds an Events Calendar.  All Events that the BID is aware of, will be entered onto the Calendar.  The TIC also hold information and there are posters put up outside the Town Hall and on the Square.  The BID office also send e-mails out that contain information about some events, please make sure we have your email address to receive these.

How is the BID performing?

The BID monitors performance against the original business plan and discusses this regularly.  A document is kept up to date and results will be published in readiness for the AGM at the end of the BID year - August.

When is the next open meeting?

Please see the Meetings page for details on meetings coming up.

How can I have my say?

The BID want feedback, there are many ways in which you can have your say.  You can email the office, talk to our Marketing and Events Manager or a Director.  You can also attend open meetings or contact someone on a committee or project and give them your questions or ideas to take to that meeting.  There is a contact form on the website and an option to submit 'ideas'.

How can I get involved?

You can stand to be a Director in the lead up to the AGM.  Details will be published near to that time.  However, you may not want to be a Director, but may want to be involved in other ways. If there is a particular committee or project that you are interested in and feel you can add value, please contact the office to enquire.  There are also opportunities for volunteers to help with the general running of the BID.

What do Directors get paid?

BID Directors are all volunteers and do not get any payments.  No expenses are paid e.g. for travelling or time. (Directors can claim for reimbursements for things they buy for the BID).

What is a WIN meeting?

The WIN is the Wimborne Information Network.  This was set up by the Business Development committee in order to bring people together once a month to network and also to have the benefit of listening to a speaker.  The speaker will be a different person each month, discussing a different topic.  We try to make each topic relevant to the businesses we have in town.  We expect some topics will be more appealing than others, so the attendees may differ each time.  We aim to use different locations in town each time too and have food available which will vary with each location.  As there is a cost attached,  we would prefer to have only one representative from each business attend.  If there are opportunities to have more, we will let you know.

Why don't I receive communications from you?

Due to time and costs, it is not possible to make hard copies of all of our communications.  We put information on the website and we have an email list that we use to email newsletters and other communications.  We want you to be on this list, so if you do not receive communciations from us, please provide us with your email address and please make sure you add to your contact list to prevent our messages going into Spam/Junk.  We also post regularly to facebook and Twitter.  Look for Wimborne Minster BID (a picture of the minster with the Town Crier in the foreground). 

Can I use the Square?

The BID (in conjunction with the Town Council and the Chamber of Trade), manage the bookings of the Square.  Please refer to the Square Bookings page for more details.  We postively encourage use of the Square and would like levy payers and Associate members to make as much use of it as possible.

I don't like what the Square is used for

What happens on the Square is agreed between the BID, EDDC, the Town Council and the Chamber of Trade.  If you have views on what it is used for, please make them known to any of the above and objections or suggestions can be discussed at one of our regular Liaison meetings. 

How does the Car Park Refund scheme work?

Simple. When a customer buys something in your shop, you refund them the amount of their car park ticket and keep the stub.  That way it hasn't cost them anything to park and it will encourage them to come back!  You can set your own minimum spend limit.  At the end of the month, pass all of your ticket stubs to the BID office and we will do a monthly draw for a £50 cheque! 

What is an Associate BID Member?

Some businesses are exempt from paying a levy due to the rateable value of their premises being below the minimum set by the local Council OR if they are outside of the 'levy boundary'. But if they would still like to be part of the BID community and receive all of the same benefits, they pay a £50 annual fee to become an Associate member.

What are the local street sign policies?

This can be complex depending on where the signs are i.e. main highway signs will be the Highways Agency, whereas others with be Dorset County Council.  Click here for a link to their signing policy.

What is the Concil Policy on A boards?

Dorset County Council have recently amended their policy on A boards, click here to see the latest policy and here for guidelines on producing A boards.


To view FAQs that were relevant pre BID i.e. to assist in the decision making process for those eligible to vote, please click here.

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